Charging with Autopay

Autopay offers 2 ways to charge:

Autopay EV charging zone

  • Open chargers

  • No app or registered profile is required

  • Payment option for parking + charging:

    • Payment kiosk

    • Online within 48 hours

    • Invoice after 48 hours

    • Autopay profile with a registered payment card

Individual chargers

  • Locked chargers

  • Manually start and stop charging, without ending the parking session

  • Pay for parking and charging separately

    • Autopay profile is required

    • Valid payment card is required

How to charge

Autopay EV charging zones:

All of the chargers are open, connect to a charger and you are good to go.

Individual chargers:

All of the chargers are locked and you need to register a Autopay profile and attach valid payment card in order to start charging.

Start charging

To start charging you can either scan the QR code or type in the charger id.

QR code

  • Scan the QR code with your smartphone

  • You will be redirected to

    (Log in if you are not already logged in)

  • The charger Id is already filled

  • Click Start charging

Charger id

Your vehicle is charging

Now that the charging is started you can see:

  • Charging time

  • kWh effect

  • Cost

  • Amount of kWh you have charged

Click Stop charging to stop.

Charging session over

A summary of your charging session will be displayed.

Autopay will process the payment and a receipt will be available.

Download the receipt now or later.

Charging History

You can view your charging history by scrolling down on the EV charging page.

All charging receipt are available and they are also available in the receipt menu.

Charging do not start

If you see an error message when you are trying to start a charging session, please look for the support phone number on the charger.

The charging support line is ready to assist and get your charging started.