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Autopay - Park & Charge

Autopay was a "hands off" parking experience and for the longest time a web app only. With the introduction of EV charging we saw the need for a "hands on" and more tailored Autopay experience.

The app is designed to make the Autopay parking and charging experience easier and more seamless. Now we also have the ability to take advantage of functionalities like GPS, camera and more!

We have just started on our journey and are excited to show more in the coming months.

Let's take a closer look at some of the key features:

Automatic payment for parking and charging

The app combines payment for parking and charging, eliminating the need for customers to deal with multiple apps. For both new and existing customers, the process is quick and simple.

Real-time information

One of the biggest changes to the Autopay experience is the ability to see your parking and charing sessions in real time!

Customers will be able to view ongoing costs and power consumption in real-time. The parking view will display if you received a parking permit or not.

This gives you full control over expenses and greater predictability when parking and charging.

Switch between payment cards

If you have added an additional payment card, such as a company card or similar, you can easily swap between payment cards while parked.
This makes payments simple and provides greater flexibility.

Map, chargers & prices

The app allows customers to find parking spots on a map and see pricing examples based on when you enter the parking facility.

You can also view the type of chargers and number of available chargers in real-time. This helps customers plan their parking and charging sessions.

Profile overview

Customers have an overview of all their vehicles in the app, along with permits and customer clubs. This makes it easy for the customers to keep their info up to date.


Customers can easily download their receipts directly to their the phone and keep track of their expenses.

Pay afterwards

Customers can pay for parking / toll road passings up to 48 hours after exit directly in the app. We also added some more feedback if no unpaid sessions are displayed.

To sum it up

Everything customers are used to from and more is available in the app! We believe the app will be a new and exciting platform to build further up on.

We encourage you to help us gather feedback and suggestions for improvements. The Autopay team will continuously make improvements and bug fixes based on the feedback we receive.

We hope you enjoy the tailored Autopay experience.


The Autopay Team